As "music" visibly has with time shrunk to an extend in its meaning and importance, it shouldn't I prefer , to use the term "organised Sound" and to avoid the monotonous question "But – is this music ?" (Edgar Varèse)

But – is this music ? But, call it as you like, people crack up, go nuts, flip, get really uptight, if they can't call a thing a thing and catalogue it. Always fear , always panic in the face of the new. The new always has something violent, contains a sacrilege. What is dead is holy. What is new, is different, is bad, dangerous and subversive. (Henry Miller)

Adventurers like / with somnambulatory certainty / penetrating massive thicket / digging hidden treasures / extracting fascinating preciousness (Markus Stauss)

... new worlds of sound unfold and dense energy becomes rich sound ...
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